The best superhero movie of the summer …

… is Man On Wire, the extraordinary documentary about Philippe Petit, the Frenchman who walked a wire between the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in 1974. It’s exciting, emotional and — even though we know the ending — breathlessly tense as Petit and his gang plot the most audacious performance artwork in history. 

It’s also a riveting and complex character study — an exemplar of the knowing vs. knowing about debate below — of a man driven by conflicting emotions of fame, danger and desire. And it’s a film of extraordinary beauty, both physically and emotionally: a true story of great love, great daring and great sacrifice. Watching Petit’s associates moved to tears by their memories is a humbling feeling: how many of us will create anything that can provoke such storms of feeling almost forty years on?

The film is a masterclass in suspense, plunging us straight into the story and interweaving Petit’s background with a perfectly constructed heist movie, studded with bizarre chararacters and twists. It’s inspiring, exhilarating work, the best film of the summer so far. 


One thought on “The best superhero movie of the summer …

  1. I received this movie as a Christmas present and I absolutely love it. Such suspense, even when the ending is known!

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