Tom Tykwer to direct Cloud Atlas


More good news this morning: Tom Tykwer is to direct the film of David Mitchell’s extraordinary, extravagant Cloud Atlas. Spanning six stories, it’s one of the most exciting novels of recent years, with a unique 12345654321 structure that builds suspense and uncanny connections that stretch far into the past and future. It’s also told in six very different voices, which could make for a fascinating film. I loved Tykwer’s two beautiful, under-rated fables, The Princess and the Warrior and Heaven, from the last screenplay by Krzysztof Kieslowski, and I can’t wait to see how he approaches Cloud Atlas. It’s being produced by the Wachowski brothers, who I’ve always thought would have done a great job on Mitchell’s earlier Japan-set novel number9dream


2 thoughts on “Tom Tykwer to direct Cloud Atlas

  1. Now, that’s going to be a b****r to adapt, isn’t it. I’ll be fascinated to see how Tykwer pulls it off.

  2. I agree! Hard to see how you could do justice to all six stories in a standard feature — maybe the Wachowskis have something more innovative up their sleeves? It’s one of the few novels that could be interesting as a video game: imagine a game in which your entire reality slips as you complete each level, plunging you into the middle of a completely different context, and a different but connected character. You can see why it appealed to the makers of The Matrix …

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