The handmade tale

Stop motion animation is the absolute essence of cinema: creating life at 24 frames a second. And right now it’s on a high. While the box office might be dominated by glossy, 3D CG movies from Pixar, Dreamworks and Fox, the last few years have also brought us some of the most beautiful hand-made movies ever filmed. Here’s a clip from Suzie Templeton‘s wonderful, Oscar-winning Peter and the Wolf (now available on iTunes):

Henry Selick, the director of Nightmare Before Christmas, also returned this year with Coraline, which I loved. Here’s an inspiring, faintly unsettling interview with Selick as he discusses the world from a puppet’s point of view:

At the more experimental end of stop motion, keep a look out for Romela Crnogorac, whose MA degree show at Chelsea last week was extraordinary. I’d love to show you her  cooked Chinese duck sex video (honestly), but it hasn’t yet made it onto YouTube, so here’s a taster from her earlier work, which should at least win her the next Bjork promo:

Finally, here’s a very touching new behind the scenes film from Wes Andersons’s Fantastic Mr Fox, which is playing a next month’s London Film Festival. Turns out that Anderson actually lived in Roald Dahl’s house while writing the script, and based much of Mr Fox’s character on Dahl. Keen Dahl fans will also recognise Mr Fox’s chair.

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