Mr Bond, I’ve been expecting you …


Since picking up the Bond rights for last year’s Fleming anniversary, Penguin has treated the series with real ambition and class. True, Sebastian Faulks’ anniversary novel, Devil May Care, was better at aping Fleming’s style than his substance — James Bond playing tennis? — and failed to provide 007 with a worthy adversary; but there are always the originals, and they have rarely been so beautifully produced. Designing a Bond novel has never been an easy task. There are Richard Chopping‘s classic originals, for a start; then the sensationalist Pan covers by Sam Peffer; and, less an inspiration than a warning, the actively embarassing “girl on gun” covers of the Eighties. But following last year’s beautiful hardback Collected Stories to tie in with Quantum of Solace, Penguin has now released The Blofeld Trilogy, bringing together Thunderball, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and the truly deranged You Only Live Twice, in which a heartbroken Bond hunts down his nemesis in a Japanese torture garden. Simple, elegant and evocative, it’s a terrific piece of cover design, with a new introduction by Nick Lezard.

One thought on “Mr Bond, I’ve been expecting you …

  1. Isn’t it a great cover. Since most of my old second hand paperbacks have long since crumbled away, I think it’s going to look rather nice on the shelf…

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